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Custom made HendriX pickups

Custom Made HendriX bass-guitar pickups are either, upgrades of excisting bass-guitar
pickups, or completely new shapes and forms based on the customers specifications.
Luthiers info about the hardware and construction of the instrument can be quite helpfull.
Please mail your specs.

Here are a few examples that have been realized:

Yamaha BB5000A: HendriX upgrade 5 str J/P-Bass

Fender J-Bass Vintage brown set

HendriX J-Bass Single P. split coil

HendriX Baritone 6 str upgrade

HendriX/Knooren Ultimate J-Bass set

Boekholt Twins

HendriX/Boekholt 6 str. Twins set

HendriX Human Bass 6 str.

Vintage Gibson SB Bass

HendriX/Knooren EUB

HendriX/Meelbergen EUB