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Features: P-'51 Bass Split-coil

The HendriX P-'51 Bass Split-coil pickup, is a hum-canceling pickup.
The single poles keep the nice typical attack of the vintage P-'51 pickup. Although it's a fantasy
to build a hum-bucking pickup that sounds exactly like a single coil, this one comes
pretty close.

Since this is an upgrade of a well known and appreciated bass-guitar pickup, the balance of
the strings is dramatically improved by applying two different coils with dedicated winding patterns.
The D - G coil has a bit more power and low frequencies than the E - A coil, which has a bit more high.
The C.S.W. winding pattern is applied to enable the improved balance in volume and tone of all four strings.
The rich upperharmonics caused by the "scatter' winding of the coils makes this pickup stick out in the mix.

The features of the P-'51 Split-coil give you the sound that can compete with modern standards of bass-guitars, yet
not loose it's vintage atmosphere.
Besides the improved balance, the hum-bucking feature makes life a lot easier while performing live and in the studio.